Welcome to Miami 2021

Each year we gather on Labor Day Weekend to celebrate our heritage in one of the top cities in North America. UNAA Causes offers a broad program to cater to different interests in our community, not only do we offer the most exclusive setting and ambience away from our homes on Labor Day Weekend, but we are also the leaders and trend setters in Business, Culture and Charity in the Uganda Diaspora. We welcome all of you with Love to Miami.


Grand opening Ball in LIV on Saturday night, a World Class exclusive venue that has an ambience better than what you see at the Grammys. Doors open at 7.00 PM, Dress Code may be enforced, dress to impress with class.

Fashion Weekend

UNAA Causes Red Carpet Experience offers a combination of business and fashion to support Uganda’s Fashion Industry, on this year’s Red Carpet all of us are models and designers, the renown Fashion Weekend across East Africa has featured beauty Queens of the region. Hosted by Fashionista Anita Fabiola, this highly anticipated atmosphere is part of the Grand Finale Dinner Gala activities on Sunday evening/night.